Bausch & Lomb’s Purevision contact lenses are made with the brand’s unique AerGel ™ material, designed to reduce spherical aberration which is a condition that makes objects appear hazy or blurred. Wearing Purevision contact lenses will allow you to see with greater clarity and experience all-day comfort for your eyes.

First silicon - hydrogel family of contact lenses (sphere,toric and multifocal) that using the advantages of asphere optics successfully reduces sphere aberration and provides a clean and clear type in low-light conditions.
2.790,00 ден.
PureVision 2 HD lenses are extremely thin, but still incredibly easy to operate.
1.490,00 ден.
Clear, stable vision.Designed to provide 30 days of excellent vision and comfort.
4.690,00 ден.
A new generation of silicon – hydrogel toric lenses. Auto - Align Design profile allows optimum thickness of the lens and achieves excellent stability of the lens for sharp, clear vision throughout the day.
3.900,00 ден.
PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses feature an innovative optical design allowing you to see clearly at all distances – near, far, and everywhere in-between.
4.690,00 ден.